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Embrace Today

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Coffee Chat: The Morning Bathroom Ba...

Time for Coffee Chat:
Guest posts & musings to fuel the morning
So grab your Joe and join in!

Men & Women Vie For Equal Time As The Bathroom Battle Continues
A Male Early Bird’s Eye View On What It Takes To Win  -By Antoine Lewis 

The battle of the sexes continues—in the bathroom, each and every morning. I must admit I’m not part of the solution, because I’m the essence of this problem. Testosterone temptation and estrogen excellence are duking it out on a bathroom battleground like never before. (more…)

How To Get Up With The Summer Sun

One of the many things I love about Chicago is watching the lakefront come alive in the morning, each and every summer. Early birds flock to Lake Michigan at sunrise to run, stroll, swim, bike—or just be. But you don’t need a beach or training program to embrace life on the early side. Let the early summer light in—because waking up early has never been easier. (more…)

Wake Up To Skin Cancer Prevention Be...

Not many people see the 4-inch surgical scar on my face. My hair and a touch of make-up cover up what’s left of it. My scar will eventually fade completely, but I’ll always be grateful for it. It’s there because skin cancer was removed. My doctor caught it early. I was lucky. Now I’m sharing my story to help other Americans get lucky, too. May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month—time to think about getting ready for swimsuit season as diet, exercise and skin cancer prevention.


Prevent Pollen From Spoiling Spring ...

I’m one of those adults who grew into allergies, rather than out of them. And I’m definitely not alone. Anyone can develop allergy symptoms for the first time as adults, and it usually happens between our twenties and forties. What’s more, we’re living in a world where hay fever is on the rise—and pollen is packing a powerful punch. But I’m determined to take control and never let my adult-onset allergies get the best of my spring mornings. (more…)

How To Take Charge When Life Throws ...

I’m not making excuses. The spring came. And I got busy. Busy enough to throw me off balance. Demands took over. I continued to follow my mantra, wake up early, get more out of your day (because I had so much to do in my days), but I was waking up early, going to bed late and still feeling like I couldn’t get back on solid ground. I got stuck fighting around-the-clock commitments. (more…)

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